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91-300 Greenbank Road Ottawa, ON K2H 0B6


About ROCO Industries

RoCo Industries has an easy-to-install “Solar Siding” solution for residential and light commercial buildings. They provide expertise in green energy solutions and green building products to transform any property into an energy self-sufficient, net-zero, building. Their industry-leading products and familiar installation techniques result in a cost-effective, predictable, and successful project.

RoCo Industries has developed SparClad, a 2-in-1 solar siding product that insulates the exterior walls of the home while also producing electricity. It is a high-efficiency product designed to install with a small footprint quickly and efficiently on residential and small commercial buildings as an architecturally integrated feature of the building. Electrical energy self-sufficiency, or Net-Zero, is the future of building resilient communities.

Our Services:

  • Sustainable energy solutions
  • Net-Zero project solutions
  • Life cycle emission reduction analysis
  • Upgrading to net-zero buildings
  • CO2 emission reductions and energy savings
  • Integrated architectural solutions
  • Free consulting
  • From small to big projects
  • Energy audit support
  • Green building products
  • Sustainable building techniques
  • Industry knowledge
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Computer aided design (CAD)
  • Modern architecture
  • Project management
  • Dedicated staff
  • Fast turnaround
RoCo Industries partner
RoCo Industries partner
RoCo Industries partner
RoCo Industries partner

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