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About Lightenco

At its core, Lightenco is a group of lighting specialists that strike to seek a balance between light quality and quantity, energy efficiency, environmental impacts such as the recycling of mercury-based lamps, educating clients, operators, and tenants, and encouraging similar businesses to undertake LED retrofits via social media, case studies, and events.

By providing turnkey lighting projects, Lighting Enhancement Corporation facilitates a reduction in energy consumption, improved lighting, and allows its customers to make substantial savings without requiring efforts to implement them of the project. All the steps are carefully managed by their team: designing new lighting, analyzing savings, selling and installing new equipment, obtaining grants for their clients, and recycling old equipment.

Lightenco focuses on commercial, multi-residential, and industrial lighting projects.

Commercial LED Lighting

Upgrading to LED lighting saves on annual energy expenses as well as maintenance costs, amounting to thousands of dollars when entire warehouses or offices are upgraded. LED lighting also improves work atmosphere as well as productivity.

Public LED Lighting

Our LEDs offer excellent visibility and colour accuracy, gaining more savings when it comes to energy efficiency. Compared to the common HPS lamps, the energy-saving light bulbs consume 40-80% less electricity.

Multi-Residential LED Lighting

We tailor all fixtures (from the kitchen to the bathroom) to your needs. This is not just about energy savings but also how your home looks and feels.

“For nearly 4 years Lightenco and their staff have helped identify unique ways to save energy on lighting throughout the Westin Ottawa. Their staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable in lighting technology solutions and incentive programs. Their dedication to the environment and sustainability has made them a number one choice as an educator for Westin Ottawa’s Environment Day program year after year. We look forward to the next phase of our lighting retrofit, converting all of our 496 guest suites to LED with Lightenco’s turnkey solution.”

—Jeff White, Director of Engineering, The Westin Ottawa

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“The math is clear and it’s legit. It really does prove the fact that with going with the LED technology that’s now viable, we’re going to save thousands of dollars over the life of the bulbs. Almost $200,000.”

—Robert Edgely, Director of Engineering, Bell Media

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