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About Krumpers Solar Solutions

Krumpers Solar Blinds™ are synonymous with cutting-edge, smart design and skilled workmanship. Their blinds are made to outperform in any climate, while allowing you to enjoy the view. Paying close attention to detail and efficiency, Krumpers Solar Blinds™ possess character, boasting a brilliant aesthetic and long-lasting durability, a marriage of form and function. They keep heat out during summer and in during winter. Reduce your carbon footprint and save up to 40% on your annual energy bills while allowing a clear, unobstructed view. Krumpers Solar Blinds™ are verified by extensive laboratory testing. They offer excellent protection from the sun, heat, and cold, allowing you to keep the heat in in the winter and out in the summer whilst being as transparent as sunglasses.

Residential Solar Blinds

Krumpers Solar Blinds are proudly made in Canada and are designed specifically for the unique Canadian climate, with summers being some of the hottest and winters being some of the coldest in the world. These extreme changes in our climate can make controlling your home’s environment a real challenge. For example, sunrooms provide an incredible view to your backyard, but with 3 walls of windows, they can also be a source of incredible cold in the winter, making the room unwelcome for half of the year. In the summer months, a west-facing sunroom can become almost unbearable with heat, once again rendering this great architectural feature unusable.

Commercial Solar Blinds

Employees benefit from the natural daylight and unobstructed view provided by solar blinds. Studies have shown that workers who have access to a window with a view are more productive with increased performance, and report less fatigue and overall better health. Office lighting designs with even luminance, quality views with no distractions, and minimal glare and heat gain had the most significant positive impacts on performance. In fact, work lighting that created glare or thermal discomfort had a negative impact on performance.

Government Buildings

In offices, factories, and retail locations, eligible for LEED points, Krumpers Solar Blinds™ make an excellent choice for eco-conscious and financially prudent business owners and facility managers.

“We’ve had our Krumpers Solar Blinds for 3 years now and absolutely love them. We’ve saved money on heating costs and have evened out the temperature in the house (the room in which we put them used to be much colder and now it is the same as the rest of the house). We have a wall of windows so this is no mean feat! We also had a problem recently with one of the blinds and Yuri and Diana fixed it for us on a Sunday, their only day off. They are very professional and truly wonderful people. We’d recommend Krumper’s to anyone who wants good quality blinds that will save you money.”

– Li Elliott, Homeowner

“Our house has southern exposure and many windows. The south side was always colder in winter and warmer in summer, plus too bright when trying to read or eat breakfast. We found out about Krumpers solar blinds and Diana came in, measured and installed our new solar blinds and what a difference. That section of the house is now warmer and we can still see through the blinds so we still get light and a nice view. Highly recommended.”

– Joe Bongornio, Homeowner

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