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About E. Jane Wilson, Architect

Jane launched E. Jane Wilson, Architect in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 2011. Though she has worked on a wide range of projects including apartment complexes, educational institutions, offices, and farm buildings, Jane’s practice focuses on the design of family homes, both renovations and new dwellings.

In her work, Jane merges sustainable, contemporary design with knowledge of historical contexts and detailing. The use of natural light and integration with the local context and environment are important elements in all her work. Jane is a good listener and enjoys collaborating with clients to achieve results that both are proud of and that the client will enjoy for many years.

A fully licensed and insured practice, E. Jane Wilson Architect provides architectural design and project services for architecture and exterior and interior design projects.

Initial Consultation: This is a free service the Architect provides. We visit your project site or my office to discuss your ideas and goals for a project. Following this discussion, the architect will provide a quote for further services.

Core Architectural Services: The core architectural design phases from schematic design through the permitting process are provided under an agreed contract. (See “The Project Process” for more detail). Our construction documentation is targeted to give the right information to you and to the contractor, as well as obtaining the building permits.

Sustainable Architecture: Good design includes incorporating sustainable practices. All of our projects incorporate sustainable design strategies that reduce the long-term operating costs to our clients. The strategies to be used for each project are defined in conjunction with the client early in the design process. Some of the strategies we use are solar panels, high insulation values, green roofs, daylighting, shading, advanced HVAC technology, and sustainable materials.

Site Selection / Pre-Purchase Home Review: We can assist you in the selection of a building site or review of a home purchase. Will the site (or home) work for you and your family? We provide a service that analyzes the pros and cons of your choices and can include conceptual design work for a home, addition or renovation.

Construction Bid Management: We help our clients through the complicated phase of managing contractor bids. We create our drawing sets to make the bidding straightforward for the contractor and to facilitate comparison between bids and, if required, modification of scope to meet budget targets.

Zoning Review / Variance Support: What are the regulations that impact your project? We review municipal and other overlaying regulatory constraints (such as Rideau Valley Conservation District) to give guidance and, if required, provide support for variances.

Subcontracted Services: We work as a team with Structural and Civil engineers, as well as heating and cooling and electrical professionals.

We appreciate that every project is unique. We enjoy working with our clients and ​providing them with designs that balance their dreams with their needs and budget.

—Jane Wilson, Architect

Jane is fantastic to work with. I love her style and the way she thinks outside the box. Her passion for healthy, innovative and sustainable homes is very refreshing.

—The Conscious Builder

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