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About Good Habets

Good Habets Inc. offers small-medium businesses and housing providers painless energy audits and HVAC design – including controls. They are a licensed and insured Engineering firm in Ontario and have a certified energy auditor for commercial and residential buildings.

Good Habets engineers believe that they can design new and retrofitted buildings that are cost-effective, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly. They make happy owners and happy tenants.

Our Services:

  • Energy Audits (Commercial and Residential)
  • Engineering
  • HVAC
  • Building Plans
  • HVAC Engineering
  • Energy Savings
  • Utility Bills
  • Humidification
  • Clean and Healthy Air
  • LEED
  • Green Buildings


As a professional engineer with a certificate of authorization, Good Habets Inc. can create mechanical plans for residential and commercial retrofit and new projects. They can complete the necessary forms required for permits and occupancy with the municipality for ventilation and HVAC requirements.

Why an engineer? Most businesses who are certified to design these systems are also the businesses selling them. You’re more likely to be oversized and therefore wasting money upfront and energy long-term. An engineer – like Good Habets – will size to your needs and strongly consider your future utility costs.

Chris is highly professional, worth your time. Being able to save money on energy is no joke. He also has a lot of knowledge in air quality (humidification etc), which has been a bother of mine especially in the winter. Give him a shout, you won’t regret it!

—Mackenzie Cook

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