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About Global Engitec

Global Engitec Incorporated (GEI) is a global engineering technology provider based in Canada since 2013, with operations in North America, the Middle East, and Asia. Their expertise has grown from a team of highly-qualified engineering professionals with longstanding engineering experience from around the world. Together, they are focused on developing sustainable and innovative technology in areas of energy, water, and products that support sustainable development of the community.

Energy management and saving:

Suitable for government buildings, schools, hospitals, industrial units, fast food chains, shopping complexes, etc., we analyse on a case-to-case basis and provide a cost-effective and technologically proven real-time energy management system that identifies energy saving opportunities of up to 40%, exposes energy-abusing equipment, eliminates out-of-hours waste, proves the efficacy and ROI of energy saving products and solutions, thus reducing the carbon footprint, operating costs and reduces maintenance, downtime, and safety hazards.

Sourcing and transfer of the latest technologies to the world market:

We work on offering state-of-the-art technologies and equipment in the various industrial sectors we cater to, ensuring that our clients are offered the most advanced, optimum, economical, and environment-friendly solutions to their requirement.

Global sourcing and supply of OEM spares and equipment:

With the wide range of engineering and industrial products database, we can supply Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spares, replacement spares, and equipment which suits the application and requirements. We are committed to offering the best delivery period, with competitive prices.

Project management services:

We provide turn-key and complete project management services for infrastructure and industrial projects, by our team of experienced and highly-qualified Project Managers and Engineers.

Business development:

GEI provides solutions for technology-related industries, in setting up and managing strategic relationships and alliances with other companies, working out strategies to improve and enhance productivity and business.


Prototype development of Self-Sustained Renewable Energy Generator”, is on the pipeline, which will be the answer to the Future of Energy. We are into research on sustained renewable energy generation by utilisation of a combined static/dynamic force application for piezoelectric energy harvesting, and presently in prototype development phase of such a self-sustained Energy Generator.

A significant acceleration towards Paris Climate Objective.

The same consortium member has a US patent for Smart Traffic Solution (US Patent No. US8723687 B2”).

We recognise that we are in the defining movement of history. We need to address issues which could create irreversible damage to our planet earth.

To supplement the sustainable world and to reduce Green House Gas emissions, the second initiative is under development. The human population increase and human footprint expansion is addressed with micro-grid projects by creating a viable global utilisation of human resources.

The main components which support the initiative are sustainable food production, reducing water for agriculture products with food quality enhancement and keeping water as a valuable treasure. This is an innovative approach in reducing waste and reusing the leftover waste for constructive projects.

GEI provides services and products, giving prime importance to quality, health, safety, environment and ethical business practice. It is our long-term commitment to maintain standards in all our activities, to ensure our success. We ensure that we comply with all procedures, industry standards, local laws and work practices, wherever our activities are based, and aim for achieving sustainable development.

Leading the technology sector with innovation, sustainability, integrity, delivering quality products and services to our clients. Globally renowned service provider, in sourcing and supplying of the best technology, engineering equipment and products, to clients worldwide.

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