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About Eyedro Energy Monitoring

Eyedro offers Energy Monitoring Solutions for residential and business/industrial applications and business/industrial applications of Machine Utilization and solar. Real-time data is available at your fingertips via the MyEyedro cloud-based software. The MyEyedro software has a lifetime subscription included in all hardware purchases. Eyedro currently helps companies and individuals monitor their energy usage to see where potential savings can come from. If you’ve always wanted to measure your energy footprint, these are the devices for you. Easy to install and Wifi-capable, their units can be operational the same day you receive them and the software is free for the lifetime of the unit.


  • Home Energy Monitors
  • Business Energy Monitors
  • Standard Sensors
  • Industrial Sensors
  • Flex Sensors
  • Accessories
  • Replacement Parts
  • MyEyedro Cloud Service

After installing our Eyedro Electricity Monitor for our home, we quickly identified the AC as our energy hog! By making minor changes to our thermostat profile and habits we were able to reduce consumption and shift much of our cooling to off-peak hours – saving us money with negligible impact on comfort.

—Stacey, Homeowner, Ontario, Canada

I use Eyedro’s Electrcity Monitor for Business to educate my customers on their power usage and cost profile. It is always an eye opener for them. Thanks for a great product!

—Lynn, Energy Auditor, Ontario, Canada

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