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About eV Fern

Incorporated in 2010 in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, eV Fern began with a vision of creating lithium-ion batteries intended to convert pickup trucks and van vehicles from gas engines to electric. After completing some successful retrofits, the electric vehicle industry became much more mainstream. eV Fern changed its focus and started to develop custom lithium batteries for a wider range of industries. They developed the PAK Series which consists of stationary PAKwall and portable PAKport batteries, engineered to a high degree of safety, reliability, and power.

eV Fern is dedicated to remaining a green company. They make initiatives to save electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. All eV Fern products can be integrated with the grid and renewable generation from solar and wind. They provide their clients


The PAKwall battery is designed to be the heart of your home power backup or renewable energy system. Using powerful lithium-ion technology, the PAKwall can store energy from any source to be used as needed. Easy to install, the PAKwall is versatile and can be integrated with a large number of solar equipment like inverters and charge controllers.

The PAKwall will provide energy security in a power outage. With the PAKwall, save money on your electricity bill through peak shaving, improving time-of-use, or as a component in a net-zero home. Combine PAKwall systems together to create more capacity for longer uptimes or larger loads. It can be charged/discharged thousands of times, for many years of reliable operation.

Install in an office, workshop, laboratory, or near critical commercial or industrial equipment to provide peace of mind to keep those areas running.



The PAKport power pack is an AC generator powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery. It is portable and designed to be used in a huge variety of applications. Power anything from construction equipment to campsites, from film equipment to emergency backup power. Anything that you can power from a standard outlet can be powered by the PAKport energy system.

The PAKport goes further than a typical fossil fuel generator. With a solar charging option available, the PAKport can create free energy while powering your equipment. Simply place a couple of solar panels near the PAKport and you have a miniature solar farm creating energy for you. With no maintenance and no emissions, the PAKport can save you money and time when compared to other generators.

“We’ve worked with custom lithium ion batteries from EV Fern LTD every day over the past five years and the staff love it. They rely on the battery to complete their filming shoot, connecting lights, micros, and cameras to them! We are all very happy about their products!”

Stiles Creative Technologies Inc.

“We replaced the Lead Acid battery kits to EV Fern LTD lithium ion batteries and we solved our problem. It was an excellent investment since now our customers never complain about missing light during their stay!”

Diable Vert Inc.

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