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About EnerScope

Marcus Hinds P.Eng MBA CEM PMP is a Certified Energy Manager with over ten years’ experience in Energy optimization Auditing. Marcus has garnered consulting experience through working with buildings to reduce their water & energy consumption, provide cost savings leading to lower energy demand & reduced GHG emissions.

During his tenure he has directed research on efficient building mechanical products & materials, and methods of automation & control that provide valuable solutions for energy conservation efforts. Integration between systems is key. Marcus has written articles & papers for specialized presentation topics and has contributed to technical Magazines such as SABMag & CAGBC.

Marcus has conducted many lighting retrofit projects, as well as executed lighting audits in commercial & industrial settings. Marcus (PMP) is a Certified Project Manager and currently manages a portfolio of commercial buildings in the Southern Ontario area as an Energy Manager. In the past, he has coordinated Provincial programs like the Home Energy Savings Initiative – HESI & Enbridge HERO; which trained & mentored technicians & owners with strategies they need to employ to improve building efficiency. Marcus also adds value in the form of identifying rebate financing programs available to clients & guides the application process.

Marcus operates in the Mapping & GIS space, which provides clients & managers with valuable location data that powers them through day-to-day operations. Marcus can be contacted through his firm specialized in Project Management Energy Research, Sustainability & Geomatics/GIS – EnerScope Energy Research & Mapping.

Marcus is wonderful to work with and has been a great asset to our project & to our team. His Quality of service to the project has been superior and he has been exceptional with our clients. Marcus’ response rate is incredible, and he is trustworthy. His services were appreciated in our project environment.

Silvia Barbiero Iacozza

Humber HERO

Having my data interpreted and visualized by Marcus Hinds P.Eng, allowed me to further my project in the most meaningful way. The team was stuck & facing roadblocks, and Marcus was a professional, relatable collaborator and was most concerned with providing my team & I with the best possible product. I would highly recommend his services as his solution worked for us well.

Joshua Fernandes

Director to the Board of the Community Bicycle Network

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