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2601 Needham Crescent, Ottawa, ON K1V 6K1


About Eco-Smart Builders

Eco-Smart Builders was created to address a trio of needs our world is currently facing.

The biggest of which, climate change; which is causing more frequent and exponentially more severe storms, we’re capable of designing & building your dream home that can resist these storms so that it protects your investment and keeps you and your family safe.

Secondly, with ever increasing energy costs and the need to drastically reduce the amount of fossil fuels we consume to help reduce global warming, we can design & build your dream that reduces the cost of heating and cooling your home when compared to a code built house by 90% all while making it more comfortable and free of pollutants.

And finally, the one aspect that we are all concerned about when it comes to our homes; finances. It has been shown that a home that is build with more insulation, is airtight, has no thermal bridges, has the proper glazing and has a way of to control the distribution of fresh air throughout the house while exhausting indoor air pollutants costs 30% percent less expensive to build and operate when we look at the entire process in its entirety.

Marc is a Tarion-registered home builder with over 16 years in home building and 25 years in real estate.

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