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About Building Energy

Building Energy works with builders, homeowners, and governments to continuously raise the bar in sustainable construction. They offer a range of services including building science consulting and energy modeling, to certification of new homes under Energy Star, LEED, and Passive House, to blower door testing, on-site inspection, and training. Their advisors are experts in industry code and voluntary standards like Energy Star, EnerGuide, and Net Zero.

Building Energy have been helping Canadians build better homes for over 30 years. Founded by building science pioneer Bruce Gough. Licensed architect, Mark Rosen, started with Building Energy in 2008 to gain an appreciation and understanding of the way houses are put together. Starting out as a site inspector, he is now the owner, and has helped develop software tools, sits on several advisory boards, and continues to actively lead the industry towards positive change. They currently certify over 900 homes in the Ottawa area.

Blower door testing

  • These air tightness tests can certify that you meet code and voluntary standards.
  • Along with test results, our team offers recommendations for improvements that can help you set and meet performance targets.
  • We can perform the test at different stages of construction, giving you the opportunity to change course and update plans as needed.
  • Our streamlined process ensures that we can serve any site size cost effectively.

On-site inspection

  • Site verification services certify that a building satisfies the specifications required to meet energy codes and the requirements of voluntary programs.
  • Mid-construction site visits help you identify areas for improvement and outline the pros and cons of alternative solutions.

Energy modeling

  • Our computer simulation of energy performance allows you to compare and contrast alternative solutions before you commit to plans or invest in costly materials.
  • The models can be used to ensure that your design meets the energy balance required of voluntary programs like Energy Star, LEED, and Net Zero.
  • By tapping into years of real-life data capture, we are able to develop different scenarios that will yield efficiencies at various price and resource/time points.

Building science consulting

  • Our consulting services take you from simply saving energy, to really understanding how different aspects of the design work together as a system. Making a change in one area has implications, and introduces potential risks, to another. This house-as-a-system view allows us to make recommendations that work together and offer a cumulative effect on energy efficiency.

“We have been working with Building Energy for 12+ years. Besides doing all of our Energy Star compliance testing, they have provided technical advice on our ever evolving building envelope, and conducted on-site seminars for our staff and subcontractors. They provide an exemplary degree of expertise and professionalism. Tartan enjoys an enviable reputation as a premier builder of energy efficient homes, and, in large measure, we have Mark and Building Energy to thank for this.”

—Bruce Nicol, President of Tartan Homes, Ottawa

“For the past many decades, Minto Communities Inc. has been relying on Building Energy Inc. for expert advice and professional services. Year over year, they have proven to be instrumental in our company achieving its goals and in shaping the construction industry towards a more sustainable future.”

—Serge Desjardins, Director of Green Initiatives, Minto Communities Canada

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