The Box of Life

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250 City Centre Ave #216, Ottawa, ON K1R 6K7


About The Box of Life

The Box Of Life designs beautiful indoor vermi-composting systems to empower humans to recycle organic matter – effortlessly, without smells or pests – taking a cue from nature’s playbook.

Why are they called The Box Of Life? Because their composters are not just brimming with healthy microbes and composting earthworms, but they also create amazing vermi-castings for healthy, happy, life-giving plants. They want to create a society where landfill does not exist and they need your help to do that.

Made in Ottawa | Plastic free | Carbon neutral shipping & delivery

The Worm Studio is a beautiful indoor worm bin that you can use to convert your kitchen scraps into healthy soil in a hygienic way without any hassles or smells. The vertical migration system makes the composting process seamless by removing the need to manually separate the wormies from the castings (fertilizer). You simply feed them your scraps in the upper bin while harvesting the bottom bin to get the castings.

Great product!

A really nice project to do with your family!
It looks great and supports a fantastic initiative!! We have also used this product to deep dive into teaching concepts with our children on the environment and stewardship! Love it.

—Happy Customer

So rewarding!

This vermi-composting bin is so fun and so rewarding! The box is beautifully made and the size is perfect for my small apartment. Once you get this bin, you’ll never go back. In fact, you’ll wonder what took you so long to get one!


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