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Kelvin Hodges 613-304-5843


Harvey St, Perth, ON K7H 1X1


About Bobolink Solar

Bobolink Solar offers a range of services. They are a one-stop shop for both on-grid and off-grid solar solutions. Everything from your home to your cottage, Bobolink Solar can help you achieve energy savings across the board.


Kelvin Hodges is their main consultant. Kelvin has helped hundreds of people improve, design, and build off-grid solar systems. His rates are $75 USD/hr and it usually takes him 1-4 hours depending on the uniqueness of your solar install.

The main advantages of using their consulting services are:

  • Time. Get it done faster.
  • Done right! Kelvin ensures you get the right stuff. Solar can be complex. There are many issues, many finicky points that need to be considered. With your BobolinkSolar consultant (ie. Kelvin) you know you’re getting an experienced, proven, reliable source of information. And Today’s Reliable Solar.
  • Savings. The ability to buy your equipment anywhere, even used, can save you big bucks.


Site visits now available

To help folks get their solar installs rolling faster, Kelvin now offers site visits.


  • Solar Systems
    • Camping, cottage, and full off-grid solar systems
  • Lithium Battery Storage
  • Wiring & Hardware
    • BMS Systems, Trackers, Breakers, and more!


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