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About Apricity Renewables Inc.

Apricity Renewables Inc. (ARI) is a Canadian professional engineering firm that specializes in delivering engineering services for solar and energy storage projects. Apricity lives and breathes renewable energy and drives a culture of constant improvement to ensure that they remain on the forefront of the energy revolution. Their core expertise in performance modeling, independent engineering, design engineering, and due diligence provides system owners, project developers, prospective buyers, and lenders with streamlined and dependable solutions.

Performance Modeling

Actionable and bankable information

ARI gives owners, prospective buyers, and lenders the actionable and bankable information they need. ARI applies cutting-edge research-based methods to the performance modeling of solar, off-grid, hybrid, and microgrid energy systems. With our thorough understanding of key modeling parameters, we aim to give our clients a clearer picture of the financial viability of their systems over the entire project lifetime. Our team leverages NREL SAM, PVSYST, Helioscope, and HOMER Pro software packages.

  • P50, P90, P95, & Custom Production Estimates

  • Detailed Uncertainty Analysis

  • Snow Loss Estimates

  • Degradation Analysis

  • Off Grid, Hybrid, and Microgrid System

Project Quality Evaluation

Attention to detail backed by a proven process

ARI is uniquely positioned to inspect and assess solar PV assets for quality and compliance, and has inspected hundreds of sites to date.  At ARI we know what a quality installation looks like, and can identify deficiencies and propose practical solutions.  Our experience is coupled with a proprietary 300+ point on-site checklist to ensure thorough and consistent service on every project.

  • As-Built Inspections

  • Asset Purchase Inspections and Due Diligence Review

  • Construction Milestone Due Diligence

  • End of Contractor Warranty Assessment

Owner’s Engineering

Add confidence to your project’s execution

Apricity Renewables provides owners with the information and technical support they need to ensure smooth execution through the entire life cycle of a project. ARI will ensure the proper processes and measurables are in place to maintain consistent program management through project completion. Our team can provide assistance in monitoring construction schedules, highlighting critical path items, and identifying compliance concerns before they impact key milestones.

  • Technical support through tender, award, and construction

  • Technical due diligence for project finance (construction finance and long-term debt)

  • Solar asset management and program management

  • Insurance claim support

  • Warranty claim support

Solar PV Systems Integration Engineering

Buildable solutions on the leading edge

At ARI, we pride ourselves on continually integrating the most recent codes, standards, technologies, best practices, and design methodologies into our Renewable Energy System designs. We leverage our considerable time in the field and our depth of construction experience to ensure ARI engineered systems are sound on paper and in practice.

  • Utility Closeout Engineering Testing and Signoff

  • Performance Ratio Testing

  • Issued for Construction Engineering Packages

  • Engineer of Record Services

  • Connection Impact Assessments

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Engineering

Leading-edge engineering for disruptive technologies

Apricity is uniquely positioned to support C&I and utility-scale energy storage projects, coupling a depth of experience in renewable energy construction engineering with a long history of working with solar + storage projects in R&D and in industry. ARI’s proven process will help guide projects through evolving permitting processes, ensure proper coordination between suppliers, and provide a value-engineered solution. As a focused services provider, our expertise ensures we are at the leading edge of technology changes and best practices.

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